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Synappsee — Reach your connections - one single platform to create social media marketing campaign

One platform for your social media campaign

Synappsee is a web application for the analysis and the managment of social media marketing campaigns

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Get more data from your social campaign

To create a marketing campaign on social networks is not enough to simply write post and monitor incoming data. You can interpret the data to answer your research and understand what to write, when to write, who write and how to write a particular post before launching it in the calendar of your campaign. Analyzing the social behavior of markets can produce effective content for the realization of intelligent marketing campaigns.

Spend less time planning social media campaigns

Jumping from one social network to another to plan the content of their campaigns is not ideal for the time makes him a valuable asset. From a simple search you can profile the social conversations of interest in the campaign. You can save the KPI that you need and more with just a few clicks you can plan and manage the contents and statistics on all your social networks.

Automation processes

Plan their actions to cancel the expectations and long lead times for routine operations is an ambition of all operators of social networking profiles.
In the section you will find instructions on how, with just a few clicks, you can program your main processes.

Analysis of the conversation and the behavior of users in social networks over the interests sought

Just specify interest in and to its business before the markets for social networks to get a clear view profile of all conversations related to the search key choice. You can also identify the characteristics of the main users (divided by categories of influencers) who have been involved in the discussions. For you will be a walk able to participate in conversations that speak of your own business.

Communicate quickly and easily with all your team

A section will be able to communicate internally with the team that works closely with specific campaigns. The administrator can customize the campaign access to the various sessions and roles assigned and then manage the job without losing track of the historical and assignments.

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